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  • Charges a Fee: 0.00 - 0.26%

  • Most Popular in Europe

  • Kraken serves 10 million users

  • Popular for Fees: 0.1%

  • Global Popularity

  • 10 billion daily trading volume capacity

  • Trusted by 30 million users

  • Tiered-Trading fees: 0.2%

  • Used by 5 million users

  • Achieved 2 billion daily trading volume 


  • Supports instant verification

  • Large (1 Million) User base

  • Bank Transfer or Debit/Credit Card for trading

  • Takes a 0.25% taker fee

  • 0% commission on Bank Wire

  • Margin trading supported

  • User number ranges 1-3 million


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most advanced financial tool in the world with the power to change the traditional monetary systems. It was the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto which quickly took over the world. Now, it is known as the most popular cryptocurrency ever launched. The digital asset was launched in 2009 and in 11 years it achieved greater popularity among digital asset investors. Thanks to the higher volatility of the currency many investors love to take advantage of the digital currency for a profitable trade. 

To learn more about crypto check What is Cryptocurrency?, Top Places to buy Bitcoin or Buy Bitcoin.


Why Choose Bitcoin?


Bitcoin uses cryptography technology to verify each transaction making it more secure than any traditional currency systems.


Bitcoin trading experience is unlike any other before. Deposit and Withdrawal of currency is very fast during the trading.


With the power of the internet buying Bitcoin is very easy. Crypto exchanges and ATM's offer instant purchase of Bitcoin using fiat, crypto's, and cards in a simple way.


Unlike the fiat systems, Bitcoin is global and borderless. Exchanges offer Bitcoin globally.


The process of exchange is very easy. Bitcoin exchange supports multiple mediums like cards, bank transfer, fiat deposit, and many others.


Bitcoin uses technologies like digital wallets, Blockchain, and others for transaction purposes. This makes transactions safe and easy.


Conventional Money Transactions

A central authority governs the conventional fiat system. The authority uses banks, financial institutions, and payment providers to supply, monitor, and create value for the system. 

Fiat vs Bitcoin transaction comparison

Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin is a decentralized system for transactions where a peer-to-peer transfer is quite easy. The currency limits the supply to fully utilize the system. No banks are required to transact. Users can anonymously perform a transaction without any hassle.

Cryptocurrency Risks

High Volatility

Cryptocurrency is an extremely volatile currency. The risk factor created by the price movements shouldn't be ignored. Market sentiments can drive the prices in either direction. A systematic approach can save a lot of investors money in Cryptocurrency.

Lots of Scammers

Scammers can easily hack the digital wallets if the private keys are shared. Keeping the account access limited is a must for the safety of the crypto investor. Users should keep themselves informed about the latest scamming schemes and use an exchange or wallet that is highly secured.

Skyrocket Transaction Fees

Higher charges are not uncommon in the cryptocurrency world. Many exchanges utilize the decentralized nature of digital assets and charge higher fees. Compare the fees in BuyBitcoinInFrance before diving into the crypto domain.



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