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Coinbase exchange review


For fast trading, Coinbase is a popular choice. Headquartered in the USA it is serving a wide range of users including France. The exchange is safe to use and provides around 1 billion trading volume.

Please note that fees may vary based on your country or purchase amount. 

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  • Rising Popularity 

  • Fiat Accepted


  • Transfer using SEPA 

  • Instant Card Withdrawal Accepted

  • 35 million users love the Exchange

  • Deposit with Bank Account

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  • Limitations in Withdrawal

  • Privacy issues in the past

  • Staking bonuses not available

How to trust Coinbase exchange?

Founded in 2012, Coinbase has strong popularity globally. The exchange has a clean history for almost 8 years.  It is one of the safest in our list.

Compare Coinbase with other exchanges

In comparison, Coinbase is safe, powerful, and technologically savvy. Major currencies and payment methods are available for instant trading.

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  • Loaded with 0.00 - 0.26% Trading fee

  • Around 2.2 million loyal users

  • 100 - 300 million daily trading  volume

  • Fiat Funding for quick transactions

  • Debit Card and Sepa Accepted

  • Competitive 0.1% fee

  • Relied by12 million daily users

  • 10 - 12 billion daily trading volume

  • Binance Academy

  • SEPA available

  • Mobile Apps for trading

  • Supported 180+ countries

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coinbase logo
  • Fees near 2%  

  • Around 1 million users daily

  • Accepts Credit Card

  • Accepts SEPA Transfer

  • 100+ Currencies

  • Instant Verification

  • Mobile Apps for digital Wallets


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